Gulf Valley Integrated Contracting Co.

Gulf Valley Integrated Contracting Co. is experienced in construction projects and a growing engineering and procurement services company with an excellent track record in the construction sector of the KSA. The company was incorporated in 2009 as a Contracting company under the Laws of Saudi Arabia.

The company commenced business in March 2002 and since then engaged in the servicing of the construction and procurements industry for the purposes of rendering services, Technical Products Supplies and Maintenance Works in the Construction Industry.

Our company strives hard to meet its client’s demands and strives for improvement through valuable feedback brought forward by staff and existing customers. We hope you would enjoy our services as much as those who have utilized our services in the past.

Our Objectives

Gulf Valley Integrated Contracting Co. is a construction company which helps to stay focused on a clear mission and a vision for your company.

• High quality product
• Strong customer satisfaction
• Respect of laws and regulations
• Positive reputation / image
• Increased productivity
• Strong global presence
• Increased market share
• Maximized stakeholder wealth
• Happy employees and robust working hours

Environmental Affairs Policy

Gulf Valley Integrated Contracting Co. and its subsidiaries are committed to providing materials and construction services while taking a leading role in protecting the environment and our natural resources. Gulf Valley Integrated Contracting Co. manages its business according to guiding principles.

Proactive Approach

We are proactive in meeting environmental challenges. We establish and maintain appropriate programs and plans to preempt environmental damage resulting from our operations.

Working Capabilities

Gulf Valley Integrated Contracting Co. capabilities have been applied extensively over the past 5 years with extremely successful results. These include feasibility studies, planning, designing, project management, construction, installation, maintenance works, procurement of technical equipment and supply of resource personnel. Gulf Valley Integrated Contracting Co. has full capability to maintain, install and repair mechanical and auxiliary equipment.

In addition, fabricated equipment and component can be built to our client’s specification. All jobs performed by Gulf Valley Integrated Contracting Co. conducted by certified welders/Mechanical Inspectors to ensure high quality control program. By continually updating our Quality and Safety Procedures and utilizing modern equipment, Gulf Valley Integrated Contracting Co. Shall meet all standards (codes) required for construction, installation, maintenance and erections works of various forms/categories.

Civil Construction and Building Engineering

Gulf Valley Integrated Contracting Co. has full capability to build, construct, install and maintain any Buildings, Roads, Bridges, Barracks, Conexs, Modifications, B-Huts, Fencing, Gravity Walls, planning’s, Mapping, Electrical works plumbing’s, Cabling, Steel, PVC, Glass & Aluminum works, & Hangers. etc.

Our Products

Gulf Valley Integrated Contracting Co. provide diversified and wide range of construction, engineering and safety products.

Procurement & Supplies Services

Gulf Valley Integrated Contracting Co. have contact with international companies and also representing their products we can supply and procure any kind of equipment from any country of the world we are fast and best in our business.

Gulf Valley Integrated Contracting Co. is ready to provide the following Safety Material & Equipment at any place in KSA.

• Safety Mirrors
• Automatic Fire Sand
• Smoke Detectors
• Fire Alarms
• Automatic Sprinklers
• Safety Shoes
• Hand Gloves
• Safety Goggles
• Coveralls
• Hard Hat
• Fire Fighting Equipment : CO2/DCP
• Fire Extinguishers (all types)